A four course interactive, playful, romantic dinner for two composed of ingredients and love sourced close to home. We do most of the messy stuff for you so you can enjoy each other's company. We have included eco conscious flatware and utensils to further allow you to enjoy some time with each other. Easy to follow instructions will be provided, tangible as well as digital.


Starting at $250 or $135 per person.

Add a wine/cocktail pairing for $50.


Custom requests and dietary restrictions are welcome.


Loudoun's Love Box for 2

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  • Fondue for 2 (or $135 per person)

    Maine Lobster, Truffle Croquette, Braised Virginia Beef, Pork Belly, Lions Mane, Warm 4 cheese fondue


    Diamonds, Jamon, Figs and Pearls

    Smoked Speck and Mangalitsa Coppa, Turned Pears, Tipsy Smyrna Figs, Locksley Fromage, Live cress, Ebony and Ivory Pearls


    Lobster, Wagyu, and Scallops

    Tail and Claw, Seared Wagyu, Virginia Scallops, Sauce Ravigote, Russian Fingerling &Truffle Gratin, Local Mushroom jus, Buttered and turned vegetables


    Triple Swiss Chocolate Genoise Torte & Black Raspberry Custard Voulevent




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